Yasuní Green Gold, the Campaign book, contains a simple message in photographs from the people of the region: leave the oil in the ground and protect the Yasuní rainforest forever.

The book celebrates the unique beauty and diversity of the indigenous groups and the flora and fauna which are home to the Yasuní.

Buying the book also supports the campaign in two ways - most importantly it spreads awareness of the Yasuní and the problems it faces.

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If you want to double this effect why not take direct action and "donate a book"?! We can send a book on your behalf to a Yasuní decision maker. We have already found this to be an extremely effective way of getting the attention of these influential leaders.

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Yasuni Green Gold Campaign T-shirt designed by Lolipop, made from 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton.
Available in Ladies sizes small, medium and large.

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photos of the Yasuni view photos

Photos of the Yasuni (without frame)
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Endorsements for the Yasuni Green Gold Book

"After readers pick up this wonderful book, set their eyes on its glorious photographs and learn more about the Yasuní — its majesty and its troubles — I am certain they will be inspired to do all that is possible to save the most precious resource"

- Dr Jane Goodall, primatologist

"This book which we present to you with the wonders and complexities of our territory, and is born from the support of many representatives from around the world, is like the point of the end of a palm leaf, which began its journey without return, sure of achieving its objective. We believe in the value of this dream which we all share in order to maintain the Yasuní Green Gold."

-Anita Carolina Rivers Párraga, Mayor of Orellana, Ecuador.

"This book Yasuní Green Gold leads us to the Yasuní Park, using the attractive and concrete language of art and photography. Yasuní's amazing natural endowment and people, their conflicts and expectations are beautifully presented. The short albeit concise text explains the conflicts, contradictions and hopes of the Park and its peoples, and their global significance."

- Professor Carlos Larrea, Universidad Andina Simon Bolívar, Quito, Ecuador.

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