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It's important that those making the decisions on the future of the Yasuni realise that this is a crucial issue in terms of protecting biodiversity and fighting climate change, but also because of the immense cultural richness of the region. The people that live along side this natural beauty and need to be included in the battle to protect it.

Personalised messages always have more impact but if you're not sure what to say, here is something to help you out below.

Save Yasuní Help Ecuador preserve its rainforest and protect its indigenous people

The Yasuní national park in the Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, home to some of the world's last indigenous people still living in voluntary isolation. Beneath the heart of the park lies half a billion barrels of oil, which now threaten the park with destruction. For the sake of Yasuni's people, and the global climate that we all rely on, the oil must stay in the ground. The President of Ecuador has called for financial support from the international community to help them keep the oil in the ground.

I need not emphasise to you that the imminent threat to Yasuni's future is not just a threat to its inhabitants, but to the whole world, which cannot afford the greenhouse gas emissions that will result from extracting half a billion barrels of oil. For everyone's sake it is imperative that this oil stays in the ground. This Government has a key role to play in helping countries with oil-dependent economies make the transition to a low-carbon model of development, rather than destroy their globally indispensable ecological treasures and their inhabitants.

I urge you to take action on this crucial issue by giving political support to developing the proposal in the following ways. Please call for:

1. An unconditional, non-reversible commitment from the Ecuadorian government to preserve Yasuní and protect the human rights of its people

2. An unlimited extension of the time given to reach agreement on how to do this.

3. An international process led by the Ecuadorian Government, with full participation from local and indigenous groups in the region, to create a clear, coherent and fully representative proposal for securing a long-term sustainable future for Yasuní. This process should seek to work in partnership with supportive NGOs and governments.

4. An assurance that any financial support from governments will come through an open, democratic and accountable process, not through debt cancellation and that any mechanisms implemented to fund such a proposal address and avoid previous failures to reduce CO2 emissions and respect local and indigenous rights particularly in the case of carbon trading and World Bank funding.

5. An assurance that any other projects which may have a negative impact on the area will not be allowed to go ahead.

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