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The Yasuni national park in the Ecuadorean Amazon is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and home to various indigenous groups including some of the world's last groups still living in voluntary isolation. Yasuni has been recognised by UNESCO for its unique cultural and biological importance.

However, the forest and the lives of those protected within its canopy are threatened by a plan to drill the half a billion barrels of oil in the ITT reserves lying beneath the heart of the park. Drilling would have devastating and irreversible environmental and social impacts and provide the world with just five days' worth of petroleum.

The President of Ecuador announced last year he was prepared to conserve Yasuni with financial support from the international community. His proposal could be a revolutionary new model for tackling climate change and saving the world's ecological treasures, but it needs support and improvement and time is running out.

I call on:

—>  Ecuador's government to commit to unconditionally and permanently conserving the Yasuni, and guaranteeing the rights of its local and indigenous people, through a coherent plan which involves their full participation in the decisions which affect their lives.

—>  World leaders to commit to working with the Ecuadorian government and local people to help create the best possible plan to save the Yasuni and to support the plan financially in a way that ensures that the Yasuni is unconditionally preserved and that the rights of its people are respected now and in the future.

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