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Yasuní Green Gold is an international network of people and organisations that believe that Yasuní is Green Gold and must be preserved. The campaign was born with the support of the local government and people of Orellana, the region where the Yasuní lies.

We think that Yasuní is unique, we believe that human life has no price and that a solution for the Yasuní could become a model for other developing countries across the world, a way for countries to be able to preserve their cultural and environmental treasures without having to sacrifice economic development. And importantly it could lead to way in the fight against climate change.

The aims of Yasuní Green Gold are...

• To act as a loudspeaker for the local people raising the volume of their voices and concerns to an international level.

• To refocus the attention from the oil under the Yasuní to the importance of its biological and cultural richness in order to allow for alternatives for the region.

• To create an international network of people and organisations that support local efforts in the protection of the Yasuní.

• To act in co-operation with other movements and people in order to be the most effective.

• To support the development and implementation of local solutions for the sustainable development of the Yasuní region.

The Yasuní support network of people and organisations is growing day by day. You can find the Yasuní campaign groups on social networking sites such as facebook or tuenti. You can also check out our endorsement page where people have written all about why they believe the Yasuní is Green Gold, the Yasuní petition (where you can sign your name!) and acknowledgement page — for all you lovely people who have already been busy at work fighting for the Yasuní.

Yasuní Green Gold is coordinated by the not-for-profit organization Movimiento Idun who also provides legal status for the campaign on an international level.

We are Movimiento Idun based in London and Seville. We are a not-for-profit organisation which supports and coordinates volunteers from around the world in using their abilities to help specific humanitarian and environmental projects. If you'd like to know more you can visit the homepage at www.movimientoidun.org.

The local government of Orellana opened up their doors and loaded us with knowledge and information, resources and experiences so we could launch the campaign from a solid base within the local community. They offered their photographs, are distributing the book in Ecuador and continue to offer all the help and support they can.

The New Internationalist dropped everything to help publish the campaign book in under half the normal time in order to help the campaign onto its feet. Their involvement increased when they decided to collaborate on the UK part of the campaign and their support has been invaluable.

Since the beginning, Spanish organisations such as Iwith or Eutopía-Consultores Sin Fronteras have been helping to consolidate the International Campaign.

We have also had an invaluable funding contribution from Artists Project Earth (APE) which has been a real boost for the campaign.

Lots of individuals and other groups have supported the campaign including scientists, anthropologists and environmentalists such as Jane Goodall, Ricardo Carrere and more...

Last but not least over a hundred volunteers have dedicated their time and skills to building all the different aspects of the campaign from design and translation, to simply but importantly spreading the word!

The local people and leaders, exhausted by fighting daily for their rights and usually getting nowhere, decided to reach out to the international community as a way to get their voices heard. Yasuní Green Gold was entrusted to carry their voices to your ears and their struggles to your attention.

The day-to-day running of the campaign is done by Ginés Haro Pastor and Georgina Donati. They got involved with the Yasuní when Ginés went to work with the local government of Orellana for a year, collaborating with local people to help them define their needs and priorities. In the summer of 2007 Georgie also joined Ginés for a few months working with these local projects.

It was while they were living in Coca that they jointly decided, with some local leaders and people, to use photographs taken for the promotional purposes of the local government as a means of introducing more people to the area and involving them in the issues.

They wanted to show how much more there was to the region than just oil - to focus instead on its unique biological importance and the incredible people that live there. To then develop an international movement of people (yes, that means you!) and organisations who also believe that Yasuní is Green Gold and who want to support the local people of the Yasuní in making sure it remains untouched.

Yasuní Green Gold believes that as people learn of its beauty and its troubles they will be inspired, just as they were, to help save it. If we act together and create a united front we can achieve our goals and save the Yasuní and its people now and for the future. The Yasuní and its people's lives have no price, the oil must not be exploited.

Since then more and more people have been inspired by the possibility given by this proposal to not only protect the Yasuní and its people but also to create a precedent that could help save other places across the world and to create a real solution to climate change.

We have an incredible bank of photographs and other voluntary contributions that we would really like to use to help the campaign to save the Yasuní.

We could make T-shirts, calendars, tea-towels or anything else you propose! If you are a company or organizations interested in developing some of these possibilities please get in touch.

Also we'd love to hear from any foreign publishers who are interested in publishing the Yasuní Green Gold book.

Professionals and companies interested in discussing opportunities to work with us and support Yasuní Green Gold in the UK and abroad should contact ginesharo@movimientoidun.org.

Yes we do and we love doing it! Ginés and Georgina are out as often as they are able speaking at conferences, events, book fairs, schools...

If you would like to find out more, see our blog or email info@yasunigreengold.org for details of availability.

I want to know more about yasun’

Well if you've got a question which isn't answered anywhere on the site, send us an email and we'll do our best to respond as quickly as possible (though please remember how tiny our organisation is — be patient!). Email us at info@yasunigreengold.org

so that is all about yasuni

Thanks for visiting the site, for joining our network and for signing up to our mail list.

Thank you for lobbying politicians and influencing decision-makers, for standing with us against the exploitation of the Yasuní and human rights violations and for supporting new initiatives to fight against Climate Change. None of this can be done without you!


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